External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

Property showing external wall insulation in Cornwall.

External wall insulation is a particularly effective way of both keeping your home cosy and saving you pounds!

We’ve been carrying out a lot of this external wall insulation in Cornwall  recently where the client perhaps has an older style property and with no modern cavity walls. In that situation you are well suited to this type of external wall insulation, where we effectively wrap your house up in highly efficient insulation materials to keep the heat in and and the external cold and damp out!

To insulate a solid wall from the outside, a layer of insulation material is fixed to the walls with mechanical fixings and adhesive, then covered with protective layers of render.

We can finish with a smooth, textured or painted, tiled, panelled, pebble-dashed (for easy maintenance) or finished with brick slips to provide a real masonry brick finish.

The finish will cover the whole of the outside of your property, including existing brickwork, and may change its appearance.

If you are in Cornwall and having issues with cold walls and feel you would like an external wall insulation solution give us a call for a free quote.

Here’s another example of external wall insulation in Cornwall.

We can also use fantastic pre-coloured render, have a look at this to choose your colour.

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